CGM, LLC is a software development firm that designs, develops, and delivers software systems and outsourced solutions Telecom Service Providers, including CLECS, ILECS, and Wireless Providers.

CGM has developed a wide variety of Revenue Assurance and Cost Analysis software systems, including Wholesale Invoice Navigator (W.I.N.), which automatically audits and generates credit requests for Wholesale Telecom Invoices; CABSoft , which provides customized Collection and Management Reporting for CABS billing; and Lifeline LLSB, which provides editing, auditing, and tracking of Lifeline Reimbursement requests. In addition CGM offers many customized solutions involving provisioning, Help Desk, and product line profitability analysis.

Our intelligent data warehouse design and packaged system delivery, combined with our automatic data loading, provides secure, on-line access to your company’s Revenue, Cost, and Margin. W.I.N. offers service providers of all sizes with the ability to identify margin leakage by Product, by Account, and by Line, so that problem resolution can begin immediately.

W.I.N.’s Automated Dispute and Claims Module identifies Billing Disputes with LECs, produces the electronic forms for claims processing, and provides detailed tracking of the claims to completion - automatically and on-line – including requests for Promotional Credits.

CGM’s capabilities have provided its customers with the knowledge needed to participate in federal and state Lifeline reimbursement programs. CGMs audit support and reporting capabilities assist customers in compliance related issues that are critical to successfully implementing these programs.

CGM has been a leader in system design, integration, and business process improvement in all areas of revenue assurance. Now, you can get the benefit of this experience at the click of a mouse with W.I.N.

Please call Chuck Campbell at 888-594-3860 for further information or to schedule a demonstration of the W.I.N. system.

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