Affordable Connectivity Program & Lifeline Program Support Services That Drive Compliance and Profit.

CGM provides a compliance-centric, SAAS solution to help wireless and broadband companies participate in the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and Lifeline Program. Our support services suite delivers tools to confirm subscriber eligibility, enroll low-income households, track agent and distribution activity, calculate and file federal and state reimbursements, and provide audit support to our Service Provider clients.

Subscriber Enrollment Platform – We’ll handle the automated aspects of program compliance, so your team can focus on marketing and distribution. Our API-driven enrollment platform connects to a number of third-party and private billing systems, has successfully navigated over a thousand FCC and state audits, and maintains on-going compliance with ever-changing federal and state regulations and rule interpretations. Better yet, we provide this service at a net profit to our Service Provider clients.

Monthly Reimbursement Filing – We’ll handle reimbursement compliance for you as well, so that your business doesn’t have to stop on the first week of every month to prepare, validate, double-check, and file funding requests with USAC and the states. Our time-tested validation processes and experienced team have successfully driven billions of dollars of reimbursements for our Service Provider clients over the past fifteen years.

Audit Support Services – A considerable portion of FCC and state audits focus on the enrollment process and the reimbursement process. Compliance comes before profit on the list of carrier goals for both the ACP and Lifeline Programs. Your CGM Account Team Lead will assist in pulling together data necessary to respond to the myriad of audits Service Providers receive each year. We’ll also train your Compliance Manager on the rules of the Programs so they can navigate business decisions with confidence.

CGM Distribution Management Database (DMD) – We manage a database that helps our Service Providers prevent waste in both the ACP and Lifeline programs. The DMD drives subscriber retention and reduces churn in a number of ways, and serves the financial interests of all parties in the ACP and Lifeline ecosystem.

Please call Chuck Campbell at 770.843-0089 for additional information and to schedule a demonstration of our platform. We look forward to hearing from you.