About CGM

At CGM, we’ve always measured our success by the improved profitability enjoyed by our customers. Founded in 1997 as a group of consulting professionals, CGM has evolved into a Business Intelligence Software provider.

Visibility and Control are the cornerstones of managing profitability in the telecom business. If you can’t see it you can’t measure it; and if you can’t measure it you can’t control it.

CGM automates the complex process of gathering and analyzing complex telecom cost and inventory data so that our customers spend their time making decisions, not scrubbing through data. Further, our Systems and Analysts work together to deliver intelligent, fully integrated, and cost effective solutions. Our clients are able to do more in less time, with lower costs, and better results.

CGM’s web hosted systems are designed to give you complete control over your Telecom Costs, Rates, Margins, Disputes, Promotional Requests, and Subsidy Requests, via secure log on ID and password, and all of your data is at your command in an organized and summarized fashion. CGM takes the complex processes of extracting, transforming, and loading data, and combines it with business intelligence and analysis techniques so that you get the information you need – all the time.

CGM is located in Roswell, Georgia, in the historic center of manufacturing in the Southeast. Overlooking the Roswell Mill, we are constantly reminded that hard work and attention to detail are the key to our success, and have been a constant in this location for almost 200 years. We approach our software development with the factory-based philosophy that drives us to produce results every time.

Management Team

Kevin Murphy, Founder and Partner

With Mr. Campbell, he founded CGM in 1997 to provide a clear operational vision to the burgeoning CLEC space.

For 30 years, he has honed his skills in Systems Analysis and Development in both Telecom Back Office as well as Manufacturing systems.

His analytical skills in system design, implementation expertise and billing platform knowledge are highly valued by CGM's clients, and are evidenced in the delivery of CGM’s current suite of software offerings.

Kevin brings with him Start Up, Turn Around and Acquisition experience from previous President and CEO positions at a number of Telecom Services Providers, where each company experienced rapid growth and profitability under his leadership. Mr. Murphy's dedication to a well run back office is at the foundation of the services that CGM offers to its customers.

Kevin received his Bachelors degree and his Masters in Business Administration from Boston College, in Chestnut Hill, MA.

Chuck Campbell, Founder and Partner

Chuck has more than 25 years of experience delivering a wide variety of back office and integrated communications solutions to cutting edge and world-class clients in the finance, telecom and e-business sectors.

His expertise in the past development of CGM’s suite of revenue assurance project tools has been integral in the development and deployment of both CABSoft and W.I.N. He has been instrumental in the deployment of systems as parts of enterprise-wide margin improvement projects for a variety of ICP clients.

Additionally, he has directed the development of CGM’s M&A/Bankruptcy suite of services to meet the needs of the demanding CLEC and carrier marketplaces.

Chuck received his Bachelor degree in Economics from Bethany College of West Virginia.